An evening with Johnny Depp giveaway exp. 04/25

Pin It Now I can't actually give you Johnny Depp for the evening, but I can do the next best thing to it! I can give you an evening filled with Johnny Depp movies.
I for one have loved Johnny Depp for years! Just don't tell my hubby, though I have a feeling he's fully aware. I don't think he honestly believes that all of the Pirate of the Caribbean movies are "dvr'ed" just because I'm into pirates. I'm really not, into pirates lol.
Even the more strange movies that he plays in, I will watch at least once. Than who are we kidding, if you even remotely know who Johnny Depp is, than you already know it is a rarity to find him act in anything but strange movies!
On to the giveaway! My Johnny Depp movie filled evening for you!!
2 wonderful prizes 1 winner gets it all!!

This giveaway is open only to the US 18+ 
and it will exp at midnight on 04/25/12

Simple Rafflecopter entry, nothing too out of the ordinary, first entry is a gimme ;) It is not mandatory to do any of the other entries.
If you find any of the links not working in my rafflecopter, feel free to leave a comment about it or email me.
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LUCKYLADY48 said...

Johnny Depp is still a hunk to me love him.

Rusty said...

I adore Johnny Depp (and so does every other female - of all ages - in my family). rustysrambles(at)gmail(dot)com

Wendy said...

I like Johnny Depp's acting, he's fun to watch being a character. However, he doesn't make my heart flutter... I will leave that to you. LOL :)
hiwendyhi at yahoo dot com

Sunnyvale said...

I like his acting

Sunnie said...

We love Johnny Depp!

kyl neusch said...

great actor

burmmy77 said...

Johnny Depp is hot and a greeaaaaat actor!

Nicole C. said...

I love Johnny Depp.


katja9_10 said...

I LOVE Johnny Depp. So hot.

turboterp said...

I've loved him since 21 Jump Street! The best American actor, seriously!

Daniel M said...

he's one of my fav actors! - regnod(at)yahoo(d0t)com

aggcalifornia said...

I think that he is a good actor! Thanks!


sottovoce said...

I love Johnny Depp, he is a very good actor...although he has chosen some roles that do not appeal to me. :-) Thank you.
jaquerichards at yahoo dot com

laurasloves said...

I love him! He is the sexiest actor and always makes his characters come to life!

tavernie said...

I love him! Hes a great actor!
ptavernie at yahoo dot com

Debbie P said...

Great actor & easy on the eyes!

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