Dragonvale Steel Dragon

Pin It That's right people, you read right, a new dragon yet again! And not to mention I know I checked my available dragons after the update a couple of days ago, and I swear there was no sight of this little fella!
But here we go, if you're trying to make one of these new Steel Dragons than your best bet is to breed:

Metal Dragon      +     Snow Dragon         =      Steel Dragon

Picture provided by Bull5029  (the steel dragon seems to be evading me!)
You're looking for a breeding time of 14 hours!
Rest assured, don't give up if you don't get it after the first couple of tries. Just be patient ;)
Picture provided by Bull5029

If you want to add me in the game, my gamecenter name is prplrush. Feel free to follow my blog for more updates via google friend connect. (right below this post) and google + this post.

Feel free to leave a comment if you've come across quicker or better ways to breed the steel dragon ;)
Or for any questions in general.
And stay tuned from what I hear, there will be another/ secret Dragon. Word out is, it'll be the Dodo Dragon


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add sdarren7 gem for gem daily

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