Mail-Call Friday

Pin It Friday the 13th nonetheless! Hope everyone had a nice week and everyone stays safe today, for all of you more towards the superstitious meaning behind today.
Sure, we'll call that tea ;)
I got a lot of things this week, samples, wins and well the never-ending supply of bills of course. Don't actually have a picture of all the goodies today, but I'm gonna show off my favorite for the week ;)
My new favorite cup.
It's a simple cup! Well, not all that simple actually, first of all it's really big, and a tea cup as you can see, and yes, that is the darkest tea you have ever seen. (Or coffee!) I feel like I'm cheating my cup by adding a different brew to i lol.
Honestly, I do love tea, but today I needed that extra kick that you get from, erm dark tea?
Anyway, this cup was a win that I received from the Lipton Caring for Communities giveaway that ended a couple of weeks ago.

Love it! It's really big and guess what, look at where it's made. How often do you come across that anymore!
And yes, I totally forgot to take this pic before I added the Cof.....dark tea!


Buttercup said...

I'm much more of a "dark" tea person myself. Great cup!

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