The Mighty Cone Of Shame! Aka, poor Diago

Pin It I bet you're kinda wondering, what in the world!! No our dobie Diago, wasn't in an accident, or didn't hurt himself in any other way like that. If you've ever had a dog with skin allergies, than you know where this is going, and why he's wearing the mighty cone of shame, and most of all you know our and his pain!
In this picture you can see, where he's going
 bald around the eyes as well as the ears.
Diago's allergies haven't flared up in over two years now, and it almost broke my heart to have to bring good ol' faithful, aka the cone of shame, out of retirement. As you can see, the cone has been through hell lol, it's been around these walls and his neck, on and off for around 4 or so years now. When the cone just sits there, it's now actually kind of an oval shape, because Diago spends the majority of his time wearing it, pouting, by laying straight down on it, squooshed between the couch pillows!
He's so Pouty! Poor guy :(
What started this whole flare up again, is the fact that lucky him we live in a somewhat smaller town, so his food choices are pretty limited, unless we constantly drive all over the place, hunting for his food, which always seems to be out of stock! Mind you, we don't mind the driving around part, we mind the fact that we constantly had to switch his food and try different things, because we just couldn't rely on his regular stuff to be available. And then the unthinkable, they stopped carrying it all together! So here we are, a couple of months later, his skin now is so flared up he's lost or well gnawed of the majority of his hair around his nubbin' (aka what's known as his little stub of a tail), his eyes have bald circles around them, and we wont even mention how is back looks. Now our vet's usually beginning approach is steroid. It does help with the chewing, but only for a mere moment. And it's so hard on their kidneys! For now, we've just gotten meds to put into his ears and we're hoping the food change will work it's miracle again. So our main goal now, is to hurry up, find food that he's not allergic to and that's also readily available.

The food we're trying right now is Natural Life: Adult Lamaderm. It's for dogs that tend to have reactions to
common food allergens in their diet such as wheat, corn, dairy, poultry, beef, pork, soy or dried yeast.
So far, so good, it seems that the flare ups are getting better already and hopefully once Diago's hair grows back in, we can turn around and retire "the cone of shame" again. I sure hate having to be the one that puts it on him but it's the only way we've found that he wont completely gnaw down to bare skin.

At this point we're just a couple of weeks into the new food, so we should see here shortly if this is the one he gets to stay on. Wish him and us luck!!

Disclaimer: I was not compensated by NLPP to review their product. We're still in the beginning stages of using it, but so far we are loving it, and want people top learn about it!


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