Regrowing Green Onions

Pin It Now I, like many others know that for the most part, wild green onions grow all over the place around here, and it takes right around no work at all to grow these in your yard. Well, that's all good and well for most people's yards. My yard, not so much lol. Though all four of our dogs are strictly indoor spoiled rotten dogs, they still go outside for bathroom breaks and three out of my four are guys, and yes they will hike on any and everything out there. If it grows in my yard, I'm not eating it lol.
Freshly cut
Anyway, I actually hate regular onions, but absolutely love green onions. I like them on everything from eggs, to soups to steaks and truly love them on the Naan Stonefire Breakfast Pizza. The only thing I hate is always having to go and buy these, knowing good and well, that most of the time, I won't use them all, and some of them will spoil. Then when I need them again, I don't have them on hand.
 This time around I figured what the hell, I'll try regrowing them, in a tiny vase, at the window and see what happens.

Now mind you the first picture I took last Friday, which makes it 8 days ago!

8 days later!
The last couple of days we had a lot of rain coming through, and I figured it couldn't hurt to set them on my porch in the meantime, to catch some actual rainwater.
Since then, I've added another glass with the rest of the green onions that came in the bag that I purchased at my local grocery store.

As far as I can tell so far, you can grow these indefinitely! I've been cutting on them on and off, using them as needed.
I may never need to purchase green onions again =) And therefor will never end up spoiling half a bag worth.

If you're going to try this yourself, just make sure when you purchase the green onions, that the roots are intact. It doesn't matter how short they are, just as long as there are some. Believe me, they will grow, and quickly!


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