Dragonvale Sakura Dragon

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Sakura Dragon
Well, it's official! We have new dragons, yet again!
First up I'm going to add the Sakura Dragon (What a cutie!!). A plant, earth and fire element dragon!
Breeding time for the Sakura Dragon is 10 hours. Good Luck :)

Combinations that work so far:

Flower Dragon     +    Earth Dragon     =    Sakura Dragon

Picture provided by Bull5029

Feel free to add any combinations that work for you!

If you want to add me in the game my gamecenter name is prplrush. Feel free to follow my blog for more updates, via google friend connect. (right below this post) and google + this post


Anonymous said...

I have tried the following combinations thus far with no luck:
1) plant and earth
2) Poison and earth
3) tree and flower

:( I chose these combinations based upon recommendations I read from Dragonvale blogs. I do know that the Sakura must include any combination of Plant, earth and/or fire.

Melanie Comello said...

I haven't had any luck yet either. Sometimes it just takes time.
Right now I'm trying Clover and fire, but no luck yet.

Download DragonVale ap said...

Your hair is just gorgeous!!! I have tried several of you styles. Thanks for the tips.

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