The Reebok inTouch Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Pin It Oh yes, more holiday food to get rid of! Well, not the food, but the added pounds of course lol. Now on top of all that, since having quit smoking for the New Year, I seem to have eaten everything in sight!
Brand new still in box
My new goal is going to be to get active again. That is where the Reebok inTouch Heart Rate Monitor/Watch comes in. This thing is absolutely incredible! And so much more, then just a Heart Rate Monitor, or a watch for that matter. 
This gadget is what is hopefully going to help me get and stay active, and most of, let me know how I'm doing while for instance I'm at the walking track or something like that. The Reebok inTouch currently sells for $99 on the Reebok website. 
This is all of what the Reebok InTouch Heart Rate Monitor offers:

Touch-View Heart Rate
No chest strap needed! Simply touch the face of the watch with a finger to obtain your heart rate.

Step + Distance Tracking
Be in the know while on the go.

Speed Monitor
Keeps you on the perfect pace.

Fit Zone Indicator
Know when you're in the sweet spot.

Calories Burned Tracker
It's all about the calories!

Easy to set up & use

Soft, Pliable Band

With normal time and date
settings displayed
Now I can definitely vouch for the easy setup! I tend to be a rather impatient person at times. And tend to skim over any kind of instructions, just to get things going asap lol. This was no different when I got this little gadget. It took me a couple of moments to realize that the reason I couldn't get mine started up and therefor set-up, was the fact that I had to hold down one of the buttons for 5 seconds, to bring it out of "Hold" which is what it is set on for shipping, to preserve battery life.
What I also really liked about the instruction booklet, is that there are a lot of pictures! Now I'm not one for picture books by any means lol, but it's much simpler with gadgets if you show people via a picture how to do something, than attempt it in just words. Just makes it easier on people with time constraints and well the more impatient folk like me!
I can't wait to try this watch out at the walking track! So far all I've used it for is this:" Look honey, my bp was in the 70's while you're outside, but the second you come in it stays around 90!"

Yes, he's currently outside ;)
Funny, but true story! Than again, his humor seems to be lost on it, he doesn't think it's funny at all! Men!

I was not given the Reebok inTouch for review or anything of the likes, nor am I affiliated with Reebok. I simply wanted to let you know about the Reebok inTouch, because I personally use it and love it!


Anonymous said...

Does this watch have a timer or stop watch feature? I can not find this on any reviews ...

Anonymous said...

is it water proof?

Anonymous said...

I see great reviews on these I bought one for my wife and one for myself and lost both instructions, someone please help me

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