iPad and Safari crashing

Pin It I spent the majority of this morning, attempting to figure out, why the hell my safari kept crashing on my iPad. To say that it was frustrating, is like the understatement of the year. At some point I got really close to and even visualized myself throwing it against the wall lol. Yeah, I love my electronics, but sometimes they simply get the best of me. 
Just didn't understand it, my iPad worked perfectly fine last night, all the apps, safari included. Than this morning....poof, I couldn't visit more then two pages in a row, before it would simply crash on me, over and over again. 
I tried everything! From closing all the apps, to clearing every last cookie and my cache, to restarting the iPad.....several times lol. 
Finally last but not least, but at the moment my last resort, right before the close up contact between my iPad and my wall, I restored all my settings. 
What a scary moment that was, when I realized that after I clicked that, my iPad acted like it was literally clearing itself of everything I had on there, kinda like it did the day we all changed over to iOs.5 lol. While sitting here waiting to see what would happen, I imagined all my game apps, and whatnot to have dissipated. Not that I wouldn't be able to get it all back through iCloud, or at least I hope I could've lol. 
Either way, right before the reset finished, the little window popped up asking me, if I wanted to restore from my last iCloud backup. Yay, needless to say, everything was still there, which really surprised me lol, I totally forgot that my iPad does a backup, whenever it's plugged in to charge ;)
So after that entire nightmare this morning, I'm back to having safari work perfectly fine, it hasn't crashed a single time since. 
The only mystery left now, is just what exactly happened while I slept last night and didn't use my iPad?!? I'd blame it on the DH but he was sleeping too lol. Though I have no clue of what done it, at least now I know I can fix it when needed lol.


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