New Years Resolution

Pin It Just figured I'd check in with everyone and see where you stand with your 2012 New Year resolution.
My resolution as oh so many years before this year ;) was to quit smoking! And loose some weight that I added over the holidays, and Dh's vacation lol.
Well, I have good news, and I have bad news. The really good news is, I've now been cigarette free for 33 days!! Woohoo! The cravings have gotten a lot better, and honestly I don't even get the feeling like I want to rip Dh's head off every time he lights up in the truck, anymore. Yeah right, no I still feel that way, but I don't voice it quite as often and well as he put it, harshly anymore ;) He also told me that the first couple of weeks, I suffered from something he called being "overly honest"?!? I just kept having bursts of moments were everything that was on my mind had to spill out right than and there lol. Yeah, most of that has worn off now lol.
 Now to the bad news ;) The loosing the weight, yeah, that didn't happen. Which I was fully aware, while trying to quit smoking, my weight-loss ideals would probably have to be put on hold ;) 
So as of today, I figured why not make myself monthly resolutions. I'm pretty set on the no smoking goal, and don't think I'll fall back into the "habit", so we'll leave that as the 2012 resolution.
I figured for starters and for my February resolution, I now feel like I can take on the weight-loss goal. Not just do I get to work on getting off the holiday inches, now I also get to work on ridding myself of the quit smoking inches lol! Wish me luck!

How are your resolutions going? Did you stick with them? If not, do you have plans to restart them?
Honestly, I think the monthly resolutions thing sounds like it could have promise ;) Hey, I can be hopeful lol.


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