Dragonvale level 30 & 6th Island

Pin It For all those of you that don't know yet, yes I'm a bit of a game geek lol, and right now my main love belongs to Dragonvale ;)
Anyway, last night I finally managed to reach level 30, and seriously after all that time, now it lets me know there's a 6th island available to me now!
Now that's great news, because I'm in serious need of expanding out some, but the problem is, I had absolutely no clue about this 6th Island, and imagine this, it doesn't come cheap!
So yeah lol, if you're like me and didn't know that once you hit the max level 30 you'll be able to purchase that 6th island, go ahead and safe up now! As you can see from the pics, I have got quite a way to go.


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