Free Stella Artois Chalice Exp 04/30/12

Pin It A friend on facebook let me know about this, until April 30th, Stella Artois is giving away 1000 Chalices a day! Chances are that you will definitely get a chance at taking one of these home :)

The entry process is a little bit lengthy, and drawn out, but hey what aren't we willing to do for something free. (well i could think of a few things, but waiting around for a website to load and whatnot, isn't all that much to ask lol)

Now my answers for their questions were in this order:

Blow on Glass

Now if you have a mic installed on your computer, you can just speak your answers while clicking on the talk button. Otherwise, just click on talk and type in your answer. The blowing part, you'll have to use the up and down arrows.

                                                      Good luck! Hope you'll get yours ;)


Anonymous said...

Won, after a few tries. I don't know if it was the time of day or that I changed my answers. Usually I choose pink. Went verbatim by the commercial. After typing clear, it gave me a different response. Normally, it said something about my superb taste, this time 'Alice' said, "Ah, you've been here before." Another change, it didn't cut me off before I finished entering in my email.

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