DragonVale Plasma Dragon

Pin It At least the new Plasma Dragon is here to stay ;) So no rush in getting this one, which is rather nice, since I haven't been able to snag him up yet lol. Had no problem at all with the Butterfly Dragon, but the Plasma seems a bit elusive to me for the day.

You're looking for a 16 hour Breeding/ incubation time and your best choices for breeding are

Lightning Dragon        +      Swamp Dragon
Lightning Dragon        +      Seaweed Dragon
Lightning Dragon        +      Rust Dragon
Adult Plasma Dragon (Picture by Kayla!)

Since I haven't been able to breed this one yet, pictures are pending lol. If you manage to get one before me feel free to email me a pic and your Gamecenter username so that I can credit the picture to you!

If you want to add me in the game my gamecenter name is prplrush. Feel free to follow my blog for more updates, via google friend connect. (right below this post) and google + this post


kc123 said...

Hi! I am kayla!

Sorry I forgot to credit my username as well :)

My username is kaylacrook123 :) Feel free to add me :)

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