Commercials we love and love to hate!

Pin It More randomness! I've been pondering this for a while now, and figured why not ;) Let's make a post simply dedicated to commercials that we love! Well, and love to hate!

I actually just came across this one today, and I love it!! Couldn't stop laughing, and felt like I could relate. Not to the bug guy, but to the fact that my yard allows anything but grass to grow in it. It's the "Weed Slayer" TruGreen commercial:

And here is one that I don't believe needs a name or introduction, I actually don't hate it, but my husband crinches and changes the channel every-time he hears/sees it! Sometimes I just run through the house going, Wheeeee, Wheeee wheeeee wheeeeee! You should see his expression :o
If you have any commercials you absolutely Love or Hate, feel free to add to the list!

This is simply my own opinion ;) 


Anonymous said...

When the DVR’s first came out, I was so excited to get one so I could fast forward past my commercials. Therefore, when I found out from a Dish co-worker that Dish's new Hopper now has a new feature called Auto Hop I was so excited! This gives customers the option to skip their commercials. This only works on PrimeTime Anytime shows that come on during prime time hours in HD. I no longer have to worry about going to far ahead when I’m fast- forwarding past my commercials, and it cuts my TV watching in half.

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